The following rates are typical of what okeanos charges for its work. We provide this information to help you decide if we are the right choice for your project. Actual rates and terms will vary from project to project. Written quotations provided for all work. A 25% deposit will be required on all on projects with estimates over $500.

What Are Typical Costs?

Many clients ask what a typical DVD project will cost them. Every client has needs and desires which are special to their project so there really no such thing as typical. However, on a DVD with approximately 1 to 1.5 hours of video (sourced from Digibeta or DVCAM), a main menu and a chapter selection menu will cost anywhere from $750.00 to $1000.00 and includes output to DLT for replication as a DVD-5. This includes all of the services detailed under "Project Support" below.

It is always possible that you may obtain authoring services for lower rates elsewhere. Our rates reflect an extensive understanding of the complete DVD authoring process and the time it takes to craft a really professional looking and stable DVD. However, many clients only come to okeanos after they have been unable to obtain satifactory services for a lower cost elsewhere, having spent money they would have saved by starting with us.

Initial Consultation:

An 1 hour consultation is provided without charge for clients with sufficiently complex projects. This allows us to understand all the requirements a project prior to providing a written estimate.

MPEG-2 Encoding:

Charged by the minute, $10 per minute with a 1-hour minimum charge.

The final cost of encoding is dependent on the format of source material, choice of encoding technology (software or hardware), the complexity of material and the number of discrete segments to encode.

okeanos carefully determines the optimal encoding parameters for each job and proofs all encodes for quality to ensure we have created the best possible MPEG-2 from your video. Occassionaly we find issues with source material that will need to be corrected before we can obtain the best possible encodes. These will be identified and reviewed with the client.

Additional charges may apply for encoding multi-angle video, extra audio tracks and/or 5.1 audio beds.

Acceptable formats: Quicktime*, AVI*, image sequences*, mini-DV**, DVCAM**, BetaSP**, Digibeta**

Hardware encoding requires that source tapes be setup correctly with sufficient leader and continous time code. We will provide you with detailed tape setup specs.

* - software encoding only
** - required for hardware encoding..


Charged by the hour. Base rate is $60/hour with a 4-hour minimum.

Compositing and Graphics for Menus:

Charged by the hour. Base rate is $50/hour with a 2-hour minimum (may be waived as part of authoring a larger project).

Subtitling and Closed Captions:

okeanos does not provide subtitling or captioning services but can add subtitles or captions prepared by a 3rd party to your DVD during authoring. The following subtitle formats are supported:

Captions Inc. (.son format)
Text (.txt)


Output to of DDP format images to DLT (recommended) is $100 per disc layer.
Output of DDP format images DVD-R is $30.00 per disc layer.

Replication Brokering and Management:

Replication services can be brokered and managed for your DVD for a nominal fee. okeanos will work with the vendor of you choice or locate a vendor on your behalf if requested. We handle the complete replication process on you behalf including oversight of printing and packaging.

okeanos will help you prepare package and label artwork if requested.

Project Support:

All authoring projects include time for consultation and review with the customer. The actual number of hours provided will be included in the written estimate, based on the total number of authoring hours required to complete the project. Customers that request or require additional hours of consultation and review hours may be billed at the base authoring rate of $60.00/hour.

All authoring projects include a reasonable number of proof and check discs. Customers may request additional copies of proofing and check discs for which they may be billed.

okeanos can supply you with a UPC if requested.

Region encoding, Macrovision and CSS are provide w/o additional charge.