Taking video and film projects to DVD has practically become a post-production checklist item. But creating a DVD that really complements your work and extends its value requires planning, design and implementation that should not be left until the end of post.

If you are a post-production house, okeanos can work with you to provide a package of complementary services to your clients that will enhance your business and bring more work into your shop.

If you are an independent filmmaker, video producer or visual artist, okeanos can work with you directly whenever you are ready to move your project to DVD.

We provide all our clients with the same level of professional service and creativity. We work closely with you to plan and produce a DVD that will reflect the tone and feel of your project, from the sublime to the outrageous. We can create storyboards and prototypes that let you evaluate different design possibilities before committing resources. We can help you repurpose assets to reduce expenses and maintain graphical consistency. We can work with musicans to create effective soundtracks that complement menus and transitions. We can ensure your DVD is properly tested before it goes into replication. We can broker replication services and seek competitive bids to keep per-disc prices as low as possible.

“You have the content, we have the authoring skills. Let’s chat!”

Michael Lazar, DVD Author & Production Specialist

Who is 'Okeanos'?

In Greek mythology, Okeanos was the Titan who personifed the ocean, the great river that encircled the earth. He was the son of Gaia (the earth) and Ouranos (the sky). He was the father of many deities who personified or inhabited seas, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Okeanos is sometimes associated with the epithet 'deep swirling ocean stream'.

okeanos is pronounced 'oh-kee-ahn-os' - with even stress on all syllables.